Basic Islamic Studies Course

We have designed Islamic studies course for students who want to know basics of Islam with the help of online Quran tutors. There is no age limit for this course. It is not only for kids but adults of any age and gender can also learn Islam from this course.

What will students learn in basic Islamic studies course?

  • Basic aqaa’id: (allah, angels, holy books, holy prophets, qiyamah, jannat, jahannam).
  • 5 pillers: kalima, prayer, fasting, zakat, hajj.
  • Sunnah: actions and teachings of the holy prophet.
  • Manners: eating, thanking, sleeping, good words etc.
  • Memorization: small surahs, six kalemas, imaan-e-mufassil & mujmal, ayah-tul-kursi, dua-e-qunoot, islamic months and various masnoon duas.
  • Taharah: wudhu, ghusal.
  • Salah (namaz) training: importance of salah, practice of five time prayers (azaan, name and timings of prayers, fard, wajib, sunnat and nafal payers). Method of jumuah, funeral and eid prayers.
  • Islamic history: khulafa, sahaba and aulia